Best Paintball Mask For Kids
Best Paintball Mask For Kids

The Best Paintball Masks for kids are the:

  1. JT Premise – My recommended Paintball Masks for Beginners
  2. The Gen X Paintball Mask – Cheapest Paintball Mask
  3. JT Flex Thermal Paintball Mask– Best Premium Paintball Masks

1- JT Premise PaintBall Masks

Advantages of the JT Premise

  • Full coverage This means that the Masks it covers the entire head think motorcycle helmet.
  • Strong and reliable the JT Premise is made of a solid frame.
  • Modular the JT Premise is very modular any of the parts from the foam to the lens can be easily removed making upgrades easy to do
  • Adjustability this was one of the major selling points of the JT Premise. The JT Premise is a one size fit all meaning it can be adjusted to suit any head sizes of various ages and for me, that means I can adjust it as your kids grow.
  • Easy to Clean since the design is very modular this makes it very easy to clean. You can take out parts such as the lens and foam and wash it out.
  • Affordable the JT is mid-tier budget Paintball mask meaning it is not a low-end mask either an expensive high-end mask. You can click to see the current price of the Premise on Amazon.
  • Built-in Chin Strap the JT Premise comes with a built-in strap which at some paintball fields is mandatory. The Chin Strap can be adjusted to suit the wearer. It is used to keep the mask firmly in place.
  • Comfortable The JT Premise comes with a lot of foam to add comfort. Especially if your kids are going to be playing a lot of paintball this is a must. A comfortable mask means there will be less temptation to take the mask off which can lead to injury in a paintball match.
  • Anti Fog The JT Premise is well ventilated and comes with a spectral lens to prevent fogging.

1- Strength 

The best paintball mask must be strong enough to withstand a direct hit from a paintball. This is the most important attribute a paintball mask should have.

Compressed air paintballs on average move at 260 to 280 feet per second which is roughly 190 mph. That is a lot of momentum. So the paintball mask needs to be durable enough to handle the force.

My advice on this is that you stick with paintball masks that are widely used and from reputable brands. This ensures that the paintball mask will be well tested both at a testing site and in real life.

2- Full Coverage

Most paintball mask just covers the face this is ok for adults who are okay with taking the risk. Though for teens and kids who are using compressed air paintball guns I would recommend a full coverage paintball mask to protect the top of the head.

The reason why most paintball masks usually just cover the face is that paintballs rarely hit the top of your head since most paintballs are fired at you instead of from above you. It does happen just not too often.

And for me, kids need total protection even if its a small chance of happening I don’t like taking too many chances.

And protecting our kids now developing brain is vital. This why in football and baseball kids use helmets which are what full coverage paintball mask are like.

Full coverage paintball masks are roughly the same price as a normal paintball mask. The most common complaint people have against it is that it traps heat, though if you find a well-ventilated mask you should be just fine.

One last advice if kids are playing with spring powered Paintball Guns they don’t necessarily need a full coverage paintball mask. Most paintball masks would suffice this is because spring powered paintball guns aren’t very powerful.

3- Adjustable

This is a feature that some paintball masks have that allows them to be adjusted to make the paintball mask fit more snugly with the wearer.

Adjusting a paintball mask for kids is essential since kids are still growing the mask can be adjusted as they grow.

Most paintball masks come in one size how it is adjusted are using the straps inside it to fit the paintballer.

Now with the JT Premise, the entire mask can be easily adjusted if needed, along with the head strap.

4- Anti Fog

Another major problem that paintballer face is the constant fogging up of their masks which can impede visibility and lead to accidents. Thankfully some paintball masks come with thermal lenses which prevent this from happening.

Paintball masks that come with thermal lenses tend to be more pricey a simple fix to the problem to your lenses fogging up is to ensure your paintball mask is well ventilated to avoid the build-up of heat and sweat which is the main cause of the fog in paintball masks.

5- Affordability

The amount of money you should spend on a paintball mask depends on two things

  1. Type of Paintball Gun if your kids plan to play with compressed air paintball I would advise you to spend your money ($40-$60) on a good strong Paintball Mask. Whiles if your kids are going to play with spring powered paintball guns a budget-friendly paintball mask is ok ($15-$25)
  2. How much paintball your kids are expected to play if your kids are gonna be regular paintballers investing in a premium paintball mask is the way to go. If paintball is a one-off event for your kids think about renting or a low-end paintball mask.
  • Easy to clean Paintball mask will get a lot of paintball on it which if you buy the wrong paintball mask can be tough to clean.

Ensure you buy a paintball mask that can be disassembled easily, usually by screwing a few bolts out, so as to allow quick and simple cleaning.

The Drawback of The JT Premise

The main con that JT Premise has is that it doesn’t come with a Dual Pane Thermal lens. This helps to prevent fogging though in my experience the JT Premise is well ventilated enough to prevent fogging.

Where to Get the JT Premise

You can buy The JT Premise on Amazon, click to see the current price

2- Gen X – Cheapest Paintball Mask

If you are really low on funds and want a very cheap paintball mask you can check out the Gen-X Global Paintball Mask click to see the current price on Amazon.

I think Gen X is a perfect Paintball Mask to use with a Spring Powered Paintball Gun such as the Splatmaster and Valken Gotcha.

This paintball Mask is the cheapest I could find that I would feel comfortable recommending, it will provide adequate protection for your kids at a good price.

It is probably the most widely used paintball mask on the market being used at a lot of paintball fields nationwide.

Drawbacks of the GenX

The Gen X is not the most comfortable paintball mask to wear for long periods due to the fact that paddings are made of rubber instead of the standard foam paddings inside.

It does not provide full coverage like the Premise though when playing with spring powered Paintball guns like the Splatmaster you dont really need full coverage.

3- JT Flex Thermal Paintball Mask.

The JT Flex is the big brother of the JT Premise it comes with all the features of the JT Premise with the added bonus of a Thermal Lens.

If you have a bigger budget it is worth checking out click to see the current price of the JT Flex on Amazon.

How Long Does a Paintball Mask Last?.

A good paintball mask like the ones I recommended in this article should last you at least 5 to 6 years.

What is a Paintball Mask Made of?

Most paintball masks are made of composite material meaning it is made of various materials to ensure the mask is of sound structural integrity. The lens of the paintball masks are usually made of a polycarbonate material such as Lexan.

Should I Make or Use a Homemade Paintball Mask?

I know this might be tempting to cut cost especially when your budget is small but I highly advise against letting your kids or anyone else use a homemade paintball mask.

Most Paintball Mask go through strict vetting to ensure that each mask can handle a direct impact from a paintball. If a homemade mask gets hit it might not be able to handle and absorb the force and end up hurting the wearer a lot more.

I have heard a story probably an urban myth about a homemade paintball mask shattering as a paintball hits and causing the makeshift glass to shatter into the eyes of the paintballer.

Please remember Paintball especially Compressed air Paintball can cause injuries and one of the worst injuries someone can get is being hit in the eyes with a paintball.

Paintball mask prevents this from happening that is why at all paintball fields a mask is mandated.

I hope this article has helped you to find a paintball gun suitable for your kids.

For some safety tips on paintball for kids, you can check out my article on Is Paintball Safe for Kids?

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