Recommended Paintball Gear

Cheap and Affordable Paintball Tanks 2020

My two recommended Paintball Tanks: 1- Empire Liquid CO2 Paintball Tanks Gives you on average 1000 shots per refill. Cost on Average $6-9 dollars per refills depending on location. Tippmann endorsed. Works with Paintball guns that work with CO2. Please check to ensure Paintball Gun is compatible with liquid CO2 Click to see the current price on…

Recommended Paintball Gear

NonToxic and Biodegradable Paintballs

Paintballs are the projectile or ‘bullets’ that are fired from the Paintball Guns. Most Paintballs are nontoxic and biodegradable making them safe for individuals though I won’t advocate eating them in large quantities or to have kids under the age of nine deal with paintballs unsupervised. These are my recommended Nontoxic, biodegradable and easy to wash…

3 Best Paintball Mask For Kids 2020  For Best Protection
Recommended Paintball Gear

3 Best Paintball Mask For Kids 2020 For Best Protection

The Best Paintball Masks for kids are the: JT Premise – My recommended Paintball Masks for Beginners The Gen X Paintball Mask – Cheapest Paintball Mask JT Flex Thermal Paintball Mask– Best Premium Paintball Masks 1- JT Premise PaintBall Masks Advantages of the JT Premise Full coverage This means that the Masks it covers the entire head…