My two recommended Paintball Tanks:

1- Empire Liquid CO2 Paintball Tanks

  • Gives you on average 1000 shots per refill.
  • Cost on Average $6-9 dollars per refills depending on location.
  • Tippmann endorsed.
  • Works with Paintball guns that work with CO2. Please check to ensure Paintball Gun is compatible with liquid CO2

Click to see the current price on Amazon and for more details.

2- Empire Compressed HPA Paintball Tank

  • Gives you roughly 500 shot per refill
  • The cost to refill varies based on location.
  • Tippmann endorsed.
  • Works with most Paintball Guns

Click to see the Current Price and for more details on the Empire Compressed Air tank on Amazon.

Though there are better paintball tanks out there, that would probably give you a lot more shots per refill and weigh less, I have found that these two tanks are just fine for the price, I am not one to pay hundreds of dollars for an expensive paintball tank.

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