Does Paintball Hurt with Armor or Padding
Does Paintball Hurt with Armor or Padding

The padding or armor significantly decreases the impact of a paintball and reduces pain and the hurt factor.

What Does Getting Hit By A Paintball Feel Like?

First I need to explain that there are two types of Paintball Guns.

1)Spring Powered Paintball Guns these paintball guns are designed for kids they use a spring action to propel paintball they require no compressed air to operate and they are generally less powerful and much safer for kids than conventional paintball guns.

In my opinion, I don’t think you need armor or paddings when using Spring Powered Paintball Guns You just need a Paintball Mask. Getting hit by a paintball from a Spring Powered Paintball gun feels like getting hit by a snowball 

If you are worried about your kids and paintball I would advocate you trying a Spring Powered Paintball Gun out for them You can check my article Best Paintball Guns For kids.

2) Compressed Air or Liquid CO2 Paintball Guns these are the Conventional Paintball guns that most people use and this will be the focus of this article.

Compressed Air Paintball Guns are much more powerful they fire at a speed 270 to 285 feet per second, though most Paintball fields for safety reasons restrict the speed to 280 feet per second.

Getting hit by a Paintball fired from Compressed Air Paintball gun feels like thump with a sting kinda like what you would get from a rubber band. The intensity will vary on a lot of factors You can read more in my article Does Paintball Hurt?.

Why Wear Paddings and Armor

Now with the proper paddings and armor, getting hit by a Paintball can be watered down from a sting and thump to being almost negligible meaning you barely feel anything.

Another reason why individuals wear armor or padding is to increase the odds of paintballs bouncing off of you instead of breaking. Pro and tournament paintballers use this trick so as stay longer in the game. Since if the paintball doesn’t break means that they wouldn’t get marked and thus be outed.

Recommended Paintball Armor, Padding, and Gear for kids.

Paintball Masks 

When Playing paintball having a mask on is absolutely essentials some paintball field would even ban you if you take off your masks during a paintball session.

Getting hit in the face or head can cause serious injuries, wearing a mask ensures that this does not happen.

The Paintball Mask that I advocate is theJT Premise Click to the current price on Amazon.

The JT Premise is a full coverage mask that provides total protection. You read more about it and my other recommendation in my article on the Best Paintball Mask For kids.

Padded/Armoured Shirts

Wearing a padded shirt can help protect the torso and help to lighten the sting of the paintball.

Click to see the Price of a Padded Shirt on Amazon (Adjustable to fit).

The main complaints from parents about padded shirts, is trying to find the right size for kids that is why I chose this one from Maddog which has adjustable straps to fit various sizes.

Another drawback of wearing padded shirts and armor is that your kids are going to start feeling hot fast so taking breaks and airing out the shirts between games is a good idea.

Neck Protector.

Getting hit in the neck by a Paintball will hurt considerably this is because the neck doesn’t have much fat to provide cushion for any blows, that is why I would advise you to wear a neck protector.

Click to see the current price for a Neck Protector on Amazon.

Padded / Armored Pants

These pants have extra paddings to protect your legs and thighs. And will help prevent bad bruises and marks.

Click to see the current price of a Padded Pants on Amazon.


The hand and fingers don’t have much fat to cushion the blow of a paintball. So it would hurt a lot to get hit on the hand by a paintball.

The thing is a lot of paintball players would complain that gloves hinder their finger movements especially to pull the trigger. What I would advocate is using a half glove to give you the free movement of your fingers and still helps safeguard your hands.

Click to see the price of a pair of half glove on Amazon. These gloves can be used for other purposes such as biking.

Combo/Packages for Padded Paintball Gear.

I found a great combo package at a good price with a Padded Shirt, Neck Protector and Gloves click to see the current price on Amazon.

How to Clean Paintball Gear?

One simple trick to clean paintball gear is to use warm to moderately hot water this softens the wax in Paintballs and makes it come off much easier. Read more in my article Does Paintball Stains Wash out and how to Clean paintball Stains

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