How to Make a Paintball Field in your Backyard
How to Make a Paintball Field in your Backyard

In this article, I would like to guide you step by step on how to set up a paintball field right in your own backyard.

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What are the Things You Need to Set Up Paintball field in Your Backyard?

1- Paintball Guns and Paintball Gear.

For recommendations of paintball guns and gears please check out my article on The Best Paintball Guns for kids and with Paintball Gear Needed.

2- Open Space

The amount of space you are gonna need depends on the number of paintball players that are expected to use the paintball field. The more players the more space needed.

3- Targets

The next item you are gonna need to set up a paintball field in your backyard will be targets for paintballers to aim and fire at.

Think of those shooting games you usually find at an amusement park.

I used sand-filled coke bottles placed on a table to act as targets at our last paintball party. You only need to fill the bottles with sand enough so as to prevent them from being knocked over by the wind.

Ensure the table or target that is used is high enough so kids don’t have to aim downwards.

If you have a larger budget you can buy a cool Target for Paintball click to see the current price on Amazon.

4- Barriers

Barriers are to act as walls to provide cover for kids as they play paintball. Basically, kids need to hide behind the barriers to avoid paintballs and then return fire.

Homemade Paintball Barrier/ Field Ideas

  • Plyboard -I used plyboard walls as barriers for the last paintball party we had in our backyard because it is very easy to work with. I managed to build a couple of plyboard walls within a few hours.

Plyboard walls are very light so you can move them around easily plus you can decorate them as much as you like. Furthermore, they are not permanent they can be easily dissembled.

You can purchase a plyboard at your nearby Home Depot.

  • Garbage Bins can work as makeshift walls for a paintball field just ensure that the bins are big enough to work as covers.
Simple Plywood Wall for Back Yard Paintball
Simple Plywood Wall for Back Yard Paintball

What you can do is borrow bins from your neighbors just make sure you wash them out thoroughly before the paintball games begin and also after using them. You can fill them with sandbags to prevent them from toppling.

You can check this short video below to see good old fashion Garbage bins being used as Cover for a Paintball game.

  • Table Any old table turned on the side can work as a wall for a backyard paintball field. Just be careful with the legs of the table that might get in the way of the paintballers.
  • Tires if you have old tires you can strap some together with rope to act as barriers.
  • Dirt Walls Think trench warfare in World War One. This is where you dig out sections of your backyard to create drains big enough so that the paintballers can hide and fire Paintballs at each other.

Dirt Walls/Trenches require a lot of work and space to do. I wouldn’t do this until my two sons are old enough to help out. Plus I don’t think my wife would like if we destroyed our backyard even if it was for a couple of days.

If you are up for the work and you get permission from the entire household, making a dirt wall might be a great workout and if you have old enough kids to help out it would be a great bonding activity.

An easy way around having to dig too deep of a trench is that you use plyboard so as to increase the height of the walls. If you are interested in this route you can check out this article How to Make a Paintball Field using Dirt Walls.

Steps to Set Up Paintball Field

Once you have the items need to set up your backyard Paintball field you can;

  1. The first thing you need to do is start to clear out your backyard so as to get the max space as possible
  2. The next step is that you are gonna need to set up your barriers, whether plyboard or dirt, providing cover for the paintballers.
  3. Set up paintball targets
  4. Finally, let the games begin.

Why Should You have a Paintball Field in Your Back Yard?

The reason why I wanted a paintball field in my yard was to have a Birthday Party for my youngest son. My wife and I wanted to try something new from normal parties. And our boys were just starting to get into paintball so for us it made a lot of sense.

A lot of people usually use paid paintball fields to hold paintball parties though I found it cheaper and I felt I had more control to hold it at home. You can read more in my article A Guide to Paintball Parties. 

I hope this article has in some way helped you to start your very own Paintball field in your BackYard.

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