JT Splatmaster Review For Z100 and Z200
JT Splatmaster Review For Z100 and Z200

There are two models of JT Splatmaster:

  1. The JT Splatmaster Shotgun and 
  2. The JT Splatmaster Pistol

JT Splatmaster Paintball Guns

The Splatmaster guns are manufactured by the JT Company which is one of the biggest and well-known paintball companies.

All of JT products are strictly vetted to ensure that their products are of good quality and they are like all paintball companies that operate in the USA are heavily regulated by the federal government to ensure safety.

Currently, the JT Splatmaster Guns is the most used spring-powered paintball gun so your kids won’t be alone with the Splatmasters.

The Splatmaster guns were originally designed for use right in your backyard,  a lot of paintball fields have been using the Splatmaster at paintball fields as a safe way to get kids into the sport.

How Do JT Splatmasters Guns Work?

The JT Splatmaster Paintball Guns work by using a spring that needs to be pulled back or cocked, this is done by manually pulling back either;

  • the top part of the JT Pistol or
  • the pump part for the JT Shotgun,

The Pulling back of the spring is to add energy to the spring which then is released when the trigger is pulled to launch the paintball.

Review of the JT Splatmaster ShotGun

The JT Splatmaster Shotgun is the older brother of the JT Pistol. It is bigger than the pistol and contains a larger spring making it a bit more powerful than the Pistol.

The JT Splatmaster Shotgun is a spring powered pump action paintball gun, it is as of writing this article the best selling Splatmaster gun.

The JT Splatmaster shotgun can hold fifteen rounds of paintball ammo at a time and uses the same nontoxic easy to wash .50 cal paintball rounds that the Jt Pistol uses.

How to Operate the JT Splatmaster Shotgun?

I found an easy to follow video see below on how to load the JT Splatmaster Shotgun.

Strengths of the JT Shotgun Splatmaster

  • Easy to use the JT Shotgun is very light making it very easy to wield and also the overall loading, firing, and cleaning of the gun is very simple and easy to do.
  • Very Safe the Splatmaster Shotgun like all the current Splatmasters were designed for nine-year-olds.
  • Affordable the Splatmaster Shotgun is very affordable, click to see the current price on Amazon.
  • No Compressed air or batteries needed.

Drawbacks of the JT Splatmaster Shotgun

The drawbacks for the JT Shotgun closely mirrors the JT Pistol being;

  1. That it is not as powerful as conventional paintball guns (Remember these are more akin to Toys than Sports Gear).
  2. Made of plastic so it is not the toughest Paintball gun as well.
  3. A Life expectancy of 1 year depending on the Usage.

Video Showing How to Use the JT SplatMaster Shotgun

I found an easy to follow video see below on how to load the JT Splatmaster Shotgun.

Review of the JT Splatmaster Z100 Pistol

The JT Splatmaster is a Paintball Pistol and it is the smallest in the JT Splatmaster line of Paintball guns.

And because they are so small they contain a smaller spring making them the least powerful and in my opinion the safest Paintball Gun out there.

The JT Splatmaster Pistol uses .50 cal Paintball rounds which are smaller and safer than the usual .68 cal paintball rounds it can hold Seven rounds of Paintballs in its magazine.

Strengths of the JT Splatmaster Pistol

  • Affordable: The JT Splatmaster Pistol is the most budget-friendly paintball gun I have found from my research that I feel comfortable recommendingClick to see the current price on Amazon for the JT Pistol.
  • Safe: the JT Splatmaster Pistol, if used properly, won’t cause any Paintball related injuries and won’t cause any bruising. Though I would advise you to have your kids wear a Paintball Mask when playing Paintball.
  • The Pistol is made almost entirely of plastic making it very light and easy to use.
  • Easy to clean just put it under running water and then put them in the sun to dry off.

Drawbacks of the JT Splatmaster Pistol

  • Not very powerful though I think the fact that the gun isn’t as powerful as standard paintball guns is a positive for kids safety than a negative.
  • The lack of power will also lead the gun to not shot as accurate. The JT Company promises accuracy up to 50 feet with the ability to shoot up to 100 feet
  • I have found it doesn’t live up to this standard with my estimate of accuracy to around 20 feet and the ability to shot roughly 40-50 feet
  • The JT Shotgun Splatmaster which I talk more about later is much more accurate than the pistol.
  • Not the Toughest Paintball Gun. All the Splatmaster are built with mostly plastic this means that the guns themselves aren’t the toughest Paintball guns around.

Though JT pistol is very affordable so for me the lack of strength is offset by its affordability. You get what you pay for. 

On this point, I would like to akin the JT Splatmaster more in the Category of Toys rather than sports gear.

  • The Guns would probably last for a year this comes in with the previous point, with the proper care this gun might last for a year depending on the usage.

The main reason why the guns aren’t long-lasting is that the springs will wear out with constant usage. Though you could replace the spring it is probably cheaper to buy a new gun

How to Operate the JT Pistol

To load the pistol you need to take out the magazine which is stored in the stock/handle of the gun and add paintballs.

Next, you load the magazine back into the stock you know need to pull back the top of the gun to cock it (this pulls back the spring) then you aim and pull the trigger.

Video Showing The JT Splatmaster Pistol

Which one is better the JT Splatmaster Pistol or JT Splatmaster Shotgun?

My two sons and I prefer the JT Splatmaster Shotgun over the JT pistol we have several reasons;

  • Better range the JT Shotgun has a bigger spring than the JT Pistol this increases the overall power of the gun. The JT Shotgun can shoot up to 90-100 feet whilst the Pistol is roughly capable of half that distance.
  • Adding to that the JT Shotgun has a longer barrel which helps to increase both the range and accuracy of the gun. This is why sniper rifles have a longer barrel. The JT Shotgun has an accuracy of 40-45 feet.
  • Holds more ammo The JT Shotgun can hold can hold fifteen rounds of paintball ammo at a time whilst the JT Pistol can only hold seven rounds.
  • Easier to use we prefer the pump motion of the JT Shotgun it generally feels more comfortable and natural over having to constantly need to stop and move the entire gun to pull back the top of the pistol to cock it.

What should I buy when getting the Splatmaster?

You need to buy:

What are Spring Powered Paintball Guns?

Spring Powered Paintball guns are powered by as the name suggests by spring or mechanical action. The JT Splatmaster lines are basically Spring Powered Paintball Guns.

All the Splatmaster are simple to use, they require no fancy compressed air or a constant need to change batteries. 

These Guns are generally designed to be less powerful, low impact, with the possibility of bruising and Paintball related injuries very low, making them perfect for kids.

What Age is Appropriate for a Splatmaster?

The JT Splatmasters were designed for 9 years and above. I advocate sticking with this age range.

How Does Getting hit by Splatmaster feels like and does it bruise?

Getting hit by a Splatmaster generally feels like getting hit by a snowball or if you are in warmer climate think of a ball wet sand.

You do feel it, but its impossible to get any bruises from being shot with any of the Splatmasters.

Do Kids need Supervision when they are playing with the Splatmasters?

All honesty here I didn’t supervise my two sons with their Splatmasters, instead, I laid down some basic rules and left them to have fun.

Though I think this will vary depending on how mature your kids are if you have responsible kids who won’t go shooting paintballs at the neighbors you can leave them unsupervised. You can check my article Is Paintball Safe for kids where I give some basic Paintball Rules.

Do kids need to wear a Mask to play with a Splatmasters?

Yes, kids and any individuals playing with the Splatmaster need to wear a Paintball mask or at minimum strong goggles, this is to prevent a paintball from hitting the eyes.

That’s why I recommend a dual kit package for the Splatmaster which comes with a Paintball mask see below.

Or you can buy a Splatmaster and a Mask. See my article Best Paintball Mask for kids where I highlight a very budget friendly mask that would suit the Splatmaster.

How fast Does the JT Splatmaster Shoots?

It shoots roughly 110 to 120 feet per second which is slow enough for you to see the paintball travel in the air.

How Long does the JT Splatmaster Last for?

From my research and experience, I estimate that they can last up to a year depending on care and usage. Probably longer if it’s not used a lot.

The main thing that decides how long it will last is the springs, continuous usage will wear out the internal spring.

Do kids need Protective Clothing to play with the Splatmaster?

I don’t think kids need much protective gear like padded shirts or padded pants, My two sons didn’t need any.

Why because the paintballs from the Splatmaster don’t hurt enough or bruise to warrant the need for all those gears.

In my opinion, padded shirts and padded pants would have your kids get hot really fast and probably take away from the fun. What you do need is a paintball mask.

But if you are worried you can check out my article on; Does Paintball hurt still with Protective Clothing?

Where I give my recommended paintball protective gear, though these are more suited for compressed air gun paintballers.

JT Splatmaster Dual Kit Combo Packages

I have found some great packages that are worth checking out click here to see my recommended Combo Packages of the Splatmaster.

I hope this review has helped you have a better understanding of the JT Splatmasters.

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